Valtra Tractors

Orkney has many Nordic connections and with Valtra tractors built in Finland and the number one selling tractor in Scandinavian Orkney Tool hire has a link to a product produced for the harshest conditions also occasional experienced in the Shetland Isles.
A Valtra tractor is custom built to the exact needs of the owner and is the only manufacturer to offer such detailed specifications. Therefore the various configurations of Engine, Transmission, Hydraulics, and Cab give the customer the highest quality and just as important the exact tractor for his needs.
Orkney Tool hire provides local maintenance support to the Valtra brand in the field, a service that no other tractor manufacturer can match in Orkney.

Valtra T Series

Based on the latest technology the 6 Cylinder T Series offers a variety of hydraulic and transmission options with it’s Classic, HiTech, Versu and Direct model variants.T Series tractors are excellently suited to farmers as well as contractors and combines the traditional power and strength of Valtra tractors.

Valtra N Series

The Valtra N Series 4 Cylinder models range from 88 to 160horsepower and offers a variety of hydraulic and transmission options with Hi Tech, Advance, Versu and Direct model variants. The N Series gives performance and the right specifications in a balanced and functional package every time.

Valtra A Series
Valtra’s light and nimble A Series tractors are well suited for all kinds of farm work. Their small size, compact build and manoeuvrability are clear advantages at crop and cattle farms as well as in forest and municipal work.

click on image to visit the Valtra web site for further information and full spec.