Pioner 13

The boat that does it all

When we asked our team to design a spacious 13 foot boat with high gunnels and self-bailing ability, we got exactly what we asked for...and 10 times more.
The Pioner 13 is rated for 5 persons and is so incredibly stable that an adult can comfortably stand on the gunwale.
There are generously sized waterproof lockers under the thwarts and the deck has an anti-slip pattern with a self-bailing arrangement.
This boat will plane easily with a 10hp engine that can either be controlled from tiller or from a console - an optional extra.
There are 4 handles inside the boat to increase safety and comfort, which can be enhanced by fitting optional stainless steel handrails to the gunwales.

The Pioner 13 can accept outboard engines up to 15hp and comes in red, grey and green (see technical specifications at the bottom of the page).


Technical Information
Standard Fittings:
• Oars
• Rowlocks
• 2 Lockable Seat Covers

Optional Extras:
• Steering Console
• Stainless Steel Rear   Handrails

<- 393cm -> <- 155cm ->  

Length(m) 3.93 Max hp 15
Width(m) 1.55   colour
Weight(kg) 148 Shaft Type short
Passengers 5 Oars(ft) 8"

Design Category D - Sheltered Water

Please note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and for general guidance only.