Pioner Multi

Quite simply the solution!

Designed by Eivind Amble specifically as a multi-purpose vessel, we firmly believe that the Pioner Multi is the world's most versatile boat.

All Pioner boats are built with the same basic design philosophy of superb versatility and durability but the Pioner Multi takes this philosophy to the extreme.
With its soft entry bow the Pioner Multi has superb sea keeping qualities and thanks to its 2 longitudinal keels this model's handling characteristics would quite happily challenge any sports boat.
The Multi has a unique bow door system, like a landing craft, that can be easily lowered with a winch and is wide enough to accommodate most wheel chairs and also makes loading heavy or bulky equipment effortless.
The combination of her incredibly spacious design and huge reserves of buoyancy gives her an amazing carrying capacity of 1200kg!
These superb characteristics have been recognised by many organisations and the Pioner Multi has been used for many different purposes from recreational pursuits, to use as a safety boat for sailing clubs, outdoor centres and scout groups.
The Multi has also been used as a workboat on construction sites, by harbour authorities and on highland estates, and even as a dive boat for recreational and police divers.


Technical Information

The list is quite simply endless!

• Work = Pioner Multi
• Rescue = Pioner Multi
• Sport = Pioner Multi
• Diving = Pioner Multi
• Loading = Pioner Multi
• Disabled = Pioner Multi

<- 505cm -> <- 203cm ->  

Length(m) 5.05 Max hp 80
Width(m) 2.03   colour
Weight(kg) 420 Shaft Type long
Passengers 8 Oars(ft) NA

Design Category C - Inshore

Please note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and for general guidance only.